Sunday, December 13, 2009


What does it feel like to think about any thought in the world and know that no one cares and no one understands you or your thought? OHHH....... (Sniffles) I know... No I am not having a melt down I am sick..... I want to keep it as real as possible.

What does it feel like to be that person you've made inside your head? That person that is completely secret to your imagination ...... this person we've made to live out our dreams to keep us from hating what our creator has made....... Do we see that to be a failure? Do we see what mommy and daddy have made by way of the all might ( WHO EVER) is a failure? Can we say that we are happy to be what we have grown to be with out complaining or wanting something other then what we have?
I will leave you to think about that ........ or me to think about that ........ if any one is even reading this .