Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why do you travel is your parents in the service?

When ever I am talking to people (online) people always ask me (after I tell them about my story's of on the road) " Why do you travel so much? Is your parents in the service( army)? Umm ok like why does my parents have to be in the army to travel? Their can be other reasons why my family and I travel so much. Then I get people saying " ok then whats the other reasons they travel?" Then I am stuck because I really don't know what to tell them, see with my parents when you tell some one what you said they get very picky with the info you tell others (people). I get people that say " Are your parents hippies or something?" I have to lash back at them because well this

#1. They are saying that I can't have a reason to travel other then some one else giving me a reason. I mean what the hell is with that?

#2. I look over and I have to keep to the guid line of my parents or else they will have to (clean up my mess) as they say.

I mean I don't want to be mean but I have met alot of people on my travels and I am not the kind of person that likes travel groups. I mean I really, really don't

#1. The people that are in the group never shut up.

#2. They ask you 101 million questions ( personaly I am not chatter box when it comes to my personal life)

#3. Every one thinks they can look threw your bags to find theirs, well I never had that but I have heard of people who do that.

I like to be alone 96% of the time to be with myself and alot of people don't get that so instead of telling them to " SHUT THE HELL UP AND WALK THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!! " I give them a chance to talk to me and if I don't talk backs then you know I'm not in the mood to talk. I'm not rude I am a very, very , very respectable person so I will give you a chance to say whatever you have to say but please zip it.