Friday, August 21, 2009

I love thunderstorms

Ever since I was child I loved thunderstorms when I couldn't go out side and play because we was packing or simply because my parents didn't feel like taking us out I longed for the rain. When it did rain I use to think the world was crying with me and that the world knew what I was going threw. I never thought that the lighting or thunder was scary because I thought that was the way to make more tears for the world. My mom and sister love to see the sun and see the trees and see the birds chirping I never liked that because I felt that the trees was letting their rage and their tears come out too. Some times I would want to sit out side in the rain and just look at tears fall. I got sick sooo much that I couldn't risk it because I have asthma and I get pneumonia about every time I would get sick so I would just watch tears fall on my window. Maybe why I loved the rain so much because the tears felt like mine and it never changed when I was sad I would see clouds and wish it would rain and at the end of the day it would. I love water I love rain I always will no matter what but I feel that is my most favorite. I will stop here I may add on I don't know but umm...... bye !