Monday, August 17, 2009

Traveling and vegetarian eateries

I have been to almost every state in the USA, half of them I have been to I lived in. I wanted to share a few tips on vegetarian areas and how to travel safely. ENJOY! :)

I have been traveling ever since I was born and I can say that I know a lot about what to do were to go and what to eat. this past trip I went to California so me being a girl I have to be extra alert. I feel the five best things to do is......

1# Always listen to your heart, if you don't feel safe in a place or around people then stay away (that is your best bet).

2# Always pack extra of every thing, you can never be to sure, their can be things you can need more of then others and instead of buying it you have it.

3# Eat and drink very light, I know personally me and my family hardly ever stop so I really don't eat a lot or drink. Maybe a sip here a munch there but not much.

4# Keep away from dark and scary towns, I never stay in a place that gives me the willies.

5# This is the most important rule of them all never and I mean never go to a gas station thats dark or in the middle of no were, always stay in a very bright, bright gas station were everything is done by machine.

There are more rules but I will write those some other time right now this is a start. I think the best thing to do when eating is stay around foods that hit the grease or you can make on your own. I have been in places were fast food is all you can eat (even tho I am vegetarian) so I get french fries. I think when ever I am on a trip I never really get relaxed, because I am not home this is more of an alert thing then anything else.